Why use the Cooking Joy 2 Hack? It’s simple, with no other method you can get a lot of gems and coins for free.

The hack for Cooking Joy 2 was made for all players who can not spend money on the game and still enjoy it. Now generate free gems with these Cooking Joy 2 cheats.

How To Hack Cooking Joy 2

Simply click on the button below to go to the hack:

Cooking Joy 2 hack

And this is how it works: First enter your username in the Cooking Joy 2 Hack apk. Determine how many coins and gems you need and click “Generate”. The Cooking Joy 2 cheats will then generate the currencies and credit them to your account.

hack cooking joy 2

It’s that easy to use the Cooking Joy 2 Hack 2019. Whoever follows this guide will find a lot of precious stones and coins in his account within a few minutes. Then you can play and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Tips and Tricks

Cooking Joy 2 is the eagerly awaited sequel to one of the most popular cooking simulation games for Android and iOS devices. The original game shows your character on a tropical island cruise. This time, you will manage various restaurants around the world. Travel to different cities and serve all kinds of food. There are hundreds of levels in the game, all filled with hungry customers demanding fast, accurate service.

When you start, the levels will be easy. Most customers only work one food product at a time, and wait patiently while preparing their meals. Do not abandon your vigilance because the game is known for having difficulty climbing fast. You’ll soon be tapping on the entire screen as you deliver on time and try not to burn food. Do not be afraid, because with the help of the Cooking Joy 2 cheat codes cheats, tips and tricks you can complete all levels!

Check the level conditions

At the beginning of each level, you can see the conditions for success. In the earlier stages of the game, it was mostly about earning a certain amount of money. Later you will be made stricter requirements. You may be asked not to throw anything away or burn food. Make sure you pay attention to them as they will immediately cut you off. For example, if a level prompts you not to discard anything, if you just throw away a piece of bread, you will fall out immediately. Some levels have multiple requirements, which makes it harder to stay in the game.

Queue multiple tasks

If you instruct your character to perform the various tasks in the restaurant, you do not really have to wait for him to do whatever he does. Just tap on the next task you need to do, and she’ll do it as soon as she’s done with her current task. For example, if you want to make a hotdog sandwich with salad, you can tap the buns, hot dogs, and lettuce one at a time, even if they are still doing something. This helps you to save a lot of time, especially for time-limit levels. Remember, however, that you can only do tasks that can be done right away. If you ask your character to pick up a food that has not yet been cooked, he skips that task and moves on to the next one in the queue. If you do not take that into account, you could end your swing. If you need more help, you can always use the Cooking Joy 2 Hack. With the Cooking Joy 2 cheats you get free gems.

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